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M&E Ready

As data centre development continues to advance, and customer demands evolve, the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach to datacenter design and operations are becoming clear.

For many organisations, the powered shell data centre has proven to be an ideal alternative, offering users high levels of control, input on infrastructure design, and a faster path to the delivery of capacity and connectivity.

The Stellium 2 and Stellium 3 data centres take this concept one step further offering exactly the control and flexibility that global technology players and large enterprises are looking for and responding to the need for even more rapid deployment of space. Clients can choose to occupy a specific sector, or indeed the entire building, and have the opportunity to design technology infrastructure in accordance with their specific needs. With exterior construction complete, and power and connectivity in place, Stellium 2 and Stellium 3 also provide interior construction in all necessary areas enabling rapid deployment of M&E and net technical space.

Client operations

Stellium 2 and Stellium 3 can act as an extension of a clients’ own premises with dedicated entrances, access controls, and mechanical and electrical (M&E) corridors, as well as premium office space, conference rooms, workspaces and lounges available to on-site staff.

Cooling and energy efficiency

Completed to BREEAM Outstanding standard, Stellium 2 and Stellium 3 feature a modern slab-floor design enabling either direct or indirect cooling methodologies to be deployed, and promising an ultra-low design PUE of 1.15. In addition a raised floor option can be offered for a more traditional solution.

Physical security

Each data centre is located within its own secure compound, which in turn is inside an additional security perimeter.

Available space

At Stellium 2, a total net technical space of 2,400m2, divided into four identical sectors of 600m2, is available. At Stellium 3, two spaces of 840m2 and two spaces of 960m2 are available. Each facility is completed and available for immediate occupancy.

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