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Google Cloud

Connectivity to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

If your business demands dedicated high-performance secure connectivity to the Google Cloud, Stellium is the best location to interconnect.

Google Cloud Interconnect is located in our Newcastle Data Centre so we are able to offer you the shortest route to the Google Cloud Platform for your business.

GCP connection provides direct  connections between your on-premises network and Google’s global cloud platform. This enables faster, more cost-effective data transfer than the public internet.  it enables you to transfer large amounts of data between networks, which can be more cost effective than purchasing additional bandwidth over the public Internet.

Cloud Platform


Google Cloud Platform

100G, 10G and 1G capacities

Optimise your connection to the Google Cloud

Connect your router directly to GCP, with a service level of five 9s guaranteeing bandwidth and availability.


Reduce egress costs by simplifying your network architecture.

Network Security

Avoid the security risks of the public internet and interconnect securely to Google Cloud Platform.


Low latency, high bandwidth connectivity.

About Google Cloud Platform:

Once connected into GCP, you can create virtual interfaces directly to the GCP cloud, gaining access to many of the services offered by GCP, including Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Nearline, along with Google Cloud workload deployment services such as Google Kubernetes Engine and App Engine and Google database services such as BIGQUERY.

For further information please link to the website from GCP below.

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