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Global Subsea Network


Subsea Fibre Optic Cable between the USA, the UK and the Nordics – landing at Stellium Data Centres UK

AquaComms Global Network

Aqua Comms are continuing their investment in subsea cables by joining the HAVFRUE consortium to create the ‘North Atlantic Loop’ and AEC-2. AEC-2 complements and enhances the AEC-1 network to create a resilient, ring-based infrastructure providing the highest availability between the East Coast of the U.S., Ireland, and Northern Europe. Aqua Comms will offer Capacity Services, Managed Spectrum, Fibre Pair Solutions & Professional Services throughout their network. We are happy to offer our services across multiple systems to offer true diversity, but we can provide these services on a single system to suit your needs. Below is a summary of the existing and planned systems in our network.

North Sea Connect

North Sea Connect is a new, high-capacity system between Newcastle (Stellium Datacenters) in the UK and Blaabjerg, Denmark. Benefitting from uniquely diverse routing avoiding London and traditional routes, North Sea Connect supports connectivity between Ireland, the UK and the Nordics.

Fibre Optic Cable details (400Gb Wavelengths options):

  • Available on both AEC-1 and AEC-2 and AEC-3 Trans-Atlantic cables
  • Across all key Aqua Comms POPs in the US and Europe
  • Options for both OTU-4 and Ethernet interfaces
  • Lease terms from 12 months to 5 years or more
  • IRUs for 10, 15 or 20 years

Further details on Aqua Comms services can be found here.

Altibox Carrier – NO-UK

Subsea Fibre Optic Cable between Norway and UK – landing at Stellium Data Centres UK

Euroconnect-1 connects the Nordics to important digital hubs such as Newcastle, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Hamburg. With a capacity of up to 160 terabits per second, the subsea fibre cable will significantly increase data capacity between the Nordics and the rest of the world.

Fibre Optic Cable details:

  • Cable route approx. 700 km
  • Designed technical lifetime 25 years
  • 8 dark fiber pairs system designed to provide 240 Tb
  • 1 x 400 Gbit/s initial capacity
  • Data wholesale service at 100/400 Gbit/s / Dark Spectrum

For further information on our global network please see here.

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