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Stellium provides the best environment for connecting to the cloud and building hybrid solutions. Everything you require is here: the hyperscale public clouds, network density, and interconnection services. Stellium Data Centres are Cloud Ready.

Cloud On Ramps – eu-west regions – London, Paris Frankfurt, Amsterdam

Cloud Platform

Connectivity Capacities

Microsoft Azure

100G, 10G and 1G capacities

Amazon AWS

100G, 10G and 1G capacities

Google Cloud Platform

100G, 10G and 1G capacities

Oracle Cloud (OCI)

10G and 1G capacities

IBM Cloud

10G and 1G capacities

Cloud solution optimisation

Start utilising your data centre as an asset by colocating your IT infrastructure alongside the cloud hyperscalers. Overcome networking challenges and optimise your cloud.


Cut network complexity to reduce your costs

Network Security

Interconnect directly to cloud platforms to mimimise risk


Eliminate bandwidth and latency issues with guaranteed connectivity and uptime

Establish Your Private Connection at Stellium Data Centres Today

Stellium offer strategic cloud-ready connectivity solutions incorporating on-site connections between your colocation facility and the cloud. This includes direct cloud connections on-ramp for critical production infrastructure through strategic partners including:

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