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Rack Ready

In the digital age, modern datacenters need to offer more than just power, space and cooling. The sophisticated users of large-scale, mission-critical systems demand strategic partnerships in which datacenter providers are a natural extension of their own IT infrastructure and operations.

To meet this demand, Stellium’s datacenter design has been optimised to deliver shared co-location services as well as dedicated co-location sectors for clients with large-scale requirements. Stellium also provides dedicated and shared secure caging for multi-rack deployment, along with smaller configurations of 1-2 racks. Whether dedicated or shared space, large technical sectors, caging, or small-rack footprints, Stellium’s clients all benefit from continuous operations, ubiquitous connectivity, highly secure environments, right of first refusal on contiguous spaces, and flexible lease structures.

Getting the basics right

In all cases, clients can be sure of 100 per cent service-level agreements. Client-specific technical spaces offer varying power densities and hot or cold-aisle containment for cooling, while providing dedicated entrances, access controls, and isolated mechanical and engineering (M&E) areas for all necessary maintenance activity. Client teams can also take advantage of premium office spaces, conference rooms, workspaces and lounges when on site. All of this is designed to give clients the tailor-made and flexible service they are looking for.

Smart-hands services

Stellium Datacenters’ co-location services are supported by our smart-hands services that can perform complex on-site tasks on our clients’ behalf, including racking and cabling; moves, adds and changes; telecommunications; security; and any troubleshooting that may be required.


Stellium 1 represents one of the largest single, purpose-built datacenter facilities in Europe, with a total net technical space of 4,264m2 comprising four sectors of 1,066m2. Sector 1 has been fitted to a density of 2,000w/m2, supports upwards of 2MW of IT load, and is available for immediate occupancy. The remaining three sectors can be fitted on a rapid deployment basis utilising the current Stellium design or can be completed to client specifications.

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