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Decisions about your mission-critical IT is a complex process, so our customers tend to have a lot of queries before discussing their requirements with us directly. We have addressed some of these in the FAQs section below and you will find other useful information throughout our website.

Some data centre information and provision can change and be bespoke to each client.

If you would like to talk to us about your specific requirements, or would like to take a virtual tour of our data centre, please use our contact us section here or request a virtual tour here.

General Site Information

Site Address

A: Stellium Datacenters, 9 Cobalt Park Way, Cobalt Business Park, Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE28 9EJ

Site latitude

A: 55.17646

Site longitude

A: -1.504156

Is there a directions / maps link to your site?


Is advance notice of delivery to site required?

A: Yes – Stellium require 24 hours’ notice for all deliveries to site (to our security and your CSM).

Are there any special security clearance or instructions required to enter the facility?

A: Yes. All personnel must produce a current form of government issued Identification that must match the personnel booked to visit the data centre.

Are the carriers and 3rd party contractors required to take any safety courses before entering the facility?

A: Yes. A Site induction is required – This covers all aspects of Health, Safety and general site rules for Stellium Datacenters.

What is your data centre Tier classification?

A: Stelliums Newcastle data centre has been independently audited and certified to Tier 3+ classification. (Independent audit). Documentation is available on request. This design ensures the concurrent operation and maintenance of all business critical client services.

Is Site located within a Seismic Zone?

A: No

Electrical System Information

Information on Power to Racks

A: N+N power is provided to customer racks

Do you have dual utility electrical service and distribution to site?

A: Stellium has dual source site utility power. This originates from diverse utility electrical sources. Power supply from separate substation. Medium voltage distribution/sources are in redundant/ring configuration to the medium voltage transformers. Each source is capable of supporting 100% of the site building loads.

What is your Standby Generator Redundancy?

A: N+1 redundant generators for the entire site power including the IT load & mechanical load.

What is your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Redundancy?

A: UPS is a 2N or 2 (N+1) redundant system as per IEEE Std. 3006.7-2013

Ride-thru energy source for the UPS?

A: UPS is provided with VRLA / Pure Lead / Li-Ion batteries ride-through to support the design load for sufficient time to transfer to and from generator source with worst case failure scenarios. Typical ride through time is not be less than 5 minutes.

Information on your Lightning protection & Transient voltage surge protection

A: Lightning Protection Systems are installed and listed by UL using the UL96A Standard and information from NFPA 780. The incoming medium voltage switchgear includes distribution and intermediate class lightning surge arrestors. Every low voltage bus includes UL or CE listed Transient Voltage Surge Suppression devices (TVSS). These are designed to limit over voltage transient events from damaging IT load and the other critical equipment.

Information on your Power Distribution Units (PDUs) / Rack power panels / Above Rack Busduct:

A: We provide dedicated Power Distribution Units for electrical distribution to racks. The PDUs/RPPs are of 2N (A&B) configuration with diverse routes and location.

Edge & Gateway rack are located in a separate fault domain (power, space and security) from other IT load.

Information on Isolation / network & payload  / Load transformers

A: The PDUs incorporate an IT load transformer with K4 harmonic rated as a minimum. The IT load transformer has higher impedance to limit the fault current at racks to less than 10 kA. The neutral to earth voltage at racks shall is limited to maximum of 5V.

Information on Static Transfer Switches

A: The system has full maintenance bypass design capable of full out of phase transfer between sources with transformer loads such that transformer inrush is reduced to no more that 2x the FLA of the transformer. Static switch design limits voltage transient excursion to values within the ITIC computer power tolerance curve. All out of phase transfer times do not result in outage to the IT loads longer than 20 milliseconds maximum. Harmonic voltage distortion remains below 5% THD peak under steady state conditions.

Information on your Concurrent Maintainability

A: System is 100% concurrently maintainable at every bus with dual corded IT load using dual power supply to the IT load to allow for maintenance of final connection points to the IT loads.

Information on your Electrical Power Monitoring power quality

A: PDU monitoring includes: Power quality metering, current THD, voltage THD, sag/swell detection, waveform capture, power quality (ITIC) reporting and Circuit Breaker Status. ITIC reports plot magnitude and duration of all power quality events against the ITIC curve. Metering is located downstream of potential sources of transients or harmonics, such as UPS’s and STS’s.

Information on Electrical Power Monitoring for network resiliency

A: The Electrical monitoring network runs on a secure, resilient, managed infrastructure, with no single point of failure for any area larger than one Data Hall, or suite. Network failure zones are aligned with electrical and mechanical failure zones.

Fire Protection System Information

Information on the interlocking of CRAC and Air Handling Units (AHU)

A: Stellium ensure that CRAC and AHUs serving Data Halls, MMR, ANR, and Electrical Support Areas will not shut down during fire alarm activation. CRAC and AHUs shall only be shut down via manual intervention.

Information on the Data Hall Fire Protection System (VESDA)

A: Gaseous suppression with very early warning smoke detection (VESDA). Activation of the gaseous suppression is in automatic mode at all times.

The oxygen concentration within the data hall after gas discharge shall be 11% to 13%. Clean agent is provided. Adequate LED strobe lights activated by fire alarm system are provided in the Data Hall.

Information on Fire Extinguishers Type

A: Fire extinguishers in Colo areas are Clean Agent Type with FE-36 fire extinguishing clean agent propellant.

Cooling System Information

Information on the Cooling for IT Equipment

A: Cooling design is 100% concurrently maintainable both mechanically and electrically.

  • Chilled water plant system is concurrently maintainable. System design does not have to accommodate equipment failure occurring during planned maintenance.
  • The cooling units receive adequate tempered chilled water during the chiller restart period to maintain the temperature and relative humidity of respective Data Halls within the environmental requirements.
  • Cooling equipment is configured to automatically re-start following power failure to the unit itself.
  • Both direct expansion air-cooled chiller packaged unit or water-cooled chiller are provided with quick restart feature allowing chiller to resume operation in the shortest possible time and maintained the designed leaving chilled water temperature not exceeding 7 minutes.

Do all Outdoor Design Conditions comply with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) temperature guidelines?

A: Yes. Both direct and Indirect evaporative design guidelines.

  • ASHRAE 99.6 percent humidification dew point/ mean coincident dry bulb and humidity ration (HR) is used for humidifier sizing.

Information on your Fuel Oil Supply and Storage to site

A: Stellium provide on-site diesel fuel storage capacity of at least 48 hours at generator full load.

  • We ensure that the installation of diesel fuel pipework within the Premises is of an efficient, resilient design which is protected from any mechanical damage.
  • Installation of the diesel fuel distribution pipework to Generator set(s) is a twin loop system which allows the isolation of any part of the system whilst the supply of diesel fuel to the Generator day tank(s) remains in operation. Such installation ensures that the diesel fuel distribution pipework is always available and concurrently maintainable.
  • We have procedures in-place to maintain diesel fuel stored on site to meet the fuel quality stipulated by generator manufacturers. We canl submit fuel quality reports conducted by an accredited laboratory to our customers once every six months.
  • The local control panel of the diesel fuel system ia provided with a solution that allows the control system and its components to ride through power outage or voltage dips.

Information on the Mechanical and Environmental Monitoring system (BMS)

A: Monitoring of airflow, temperature, relative humidity, and differential pressure sensors is provided. The status of all HVAC equipment is monitored and reported to the Data Centre Manager. All environmental monitoring devices and control panels are UPS and battery backed.

Equipment delivery to site Information

Is there a loading dock and build-facility accessible by tractor 53′ trailer?

A: Yes

  • There are limitations to the size of tractor trailer (height & width requirements). Available on request.

Is special protective clothing required when working with pallets?

A: Yes. Steel toe caps for offloading of pallets when using pallet truck.

Will an elevator be required to move IT equipment?

  • If yes, what are the dimensions (height, with, depth) and capacity (max load)?

A: Yes (if on the second floor), Lift dimensions H – 2700 / L – 3100 / W – 2100

  • It is a combined passenger/freight Lift.

 Information on your Loading Bay / Dock Area

A: Our loading dock is provisioned to accept loading and unloading from box-type delivery trucks as a minimum standard. The loading dock is protected from the elements, and has extended exterior (overhead and side) cover required for dry loading/unloading. Racks and parts delivered to the Colos are unpackaged or de-crated in this area and prepped for the transition to the Staging/Receiving area. Each raised loading dock is equipped with a dock leveller assembly. Loading can occur from both box type delivery trucks.

  • The entire route along the rack move-in path from loading area to the Colos is level, capable of supporting the rolling load of the rack on a transport mechanism rested on casters (four point load). There is no obstacles such as, curbs, ramps or drops along the entire route. Any service ramps along a route shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Building Structural Information

Information on your Data Centre Roof design

A: The data centre Roof has been designed by a qualified building envelope design professional specifically for the data centre.

Roofing systems designed as contiguous liquid, vapor, and thermal barriers.  Roof penetrations are not allowed over critical areas, i.e. IT, Network  and infrastructure. The roof waterproofing system carries a standard manufacturer’s guarantee for a period of not less than twenty (20) years and an installer’s guarantee for a period of not less than  five (5) years.

Clients shall be notified in writing prior to any roofing or repair activities that are to occur during the course of any lease.

Information on your Data Centre Ceiling design

A: Ceilings within the data halls are of suitable construction to be able to support all IT equipment.  This typically includes a dual cable laddering system which is suspended from a Uni-strut grid and able to support all required equipment and support tray hanging loads. Our structural engineer can validate as requested, once the maximum hanging loads of equipment are provided.

Data Centre and Network Compliance Information

Is your data centre audited and certified to ISO (International Standards Organisation) standards?

A: Yes. Stellium have been continuously certified to the following ISO Management System standards. (All certifications are available on request to our Data Centre team) :

  • ISO-27001 Information Security Management
  • ISO-14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO-9001 Quality Management
  • ISO-20000 IT Service Management
  • ISO-22301 Business Continuity Management

 Is the Stellium Network audited and certified to Network standards?

A: Yes. PSN Network Certification

Is your data centre audited and certified to any additional standards?

A: Yes. UK Government Cyber Essentials+ Certification. See more here.

Is your data centre certified under BREEM?

A: Yes, it is certified BREEM Outstanding. See more here.

Third Party Monitoring & Reporting Information

Are monthly reports available to customers which monitor the following areas.

  • Security Access / Security Issues
  • Entry and exit surveillance monitoring
  • Camera snapshots on entry & exit
  • Security incident monitoring

A: Yes.. These will be provided by your Client Services Manager.

Site Security Information

Outline your Building access management protocols

A: A multi layered access control system including perimeter fence line, motion sensor external beam, vehicle pen gate, turnstiles, pedestrian gate, Electronic Visitor Management System, airlock doors, biometrics/Swipe access controlled doors to all circulation, Colos, Telco’s, IT spaces and technical areas.

24/7/365 professional security follow strict access policies to permit entry to personnel listed on a pre-approved basis or authorised security access list.

Information on Security Access Logs

A: Access logs for site are maintained for a minimum period of 24 months and can be made available upon request to clients.

Sustainability Information

Do you have a Green Mission statement?


‘Stelliums mission is to minimize our carbon footprint, employ sustainable processes and materials, decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and create a resilient and efficient data centre. We can most effectively deliver this mission through coordinating our sustainable activities closely with our clients and supply chain to create a holistic community solution.’

Is renewable energy used on site?

Yes. Stellium have been delivering 100% renewable electrical energy as standard to our clients for a number of years.

Are your energy supply agreements accredited under OFGEM and REGO?

Yes. Our current energy supply agreements are accredited by OFGEM under the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme for delivery of renewable energy. Certificates available on request to the Site Operations Director.

We continue to work with our energy supply chain to develop a wide range of renewable energy products and dedicated source traceability combined with efficiency and best value for money.

Do you deploy any additional carbon reduction / sustainable energy generating practises onsite?


Stellium have developed (with a service partner) a scheme to go-off national grid power during defined periods of grid peak loads. This is a scalable solution which will grow with the load development of the data centre.

This will provide substantial support to the grid, create tangible tariff relief and contribute considerably to our ISO 14001 Environmental Management scope

1. This  system involves the installation of a 400kWp rooftop solar system and a 2MW/2.3MWh battery energy storage system. These systems will work together to reduce carbon emissions on the site and to moderate incoming power to reduce the high grid carbon intensity periods of consumption and shift them to low grid carbon intensity periods utilising sophisticated charge and discharge protocols. The systems will reduce costs by shifting power use to low market price periods as well as participating in ancillary services with the grid.

Have you joined the UK Gov. CCA tariff relief scheme?

Yes. Stellium have been successful in joining the UK Gov. CCA tariff relief scheme. This involves commitment to the direct reduction of energy within agreed timescales. This is independently audited for validation.

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