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Stellium 1 Certified OCP Ready™ Data Centre

OCP Ready™ certified data centres provide colocation services capable of supporting High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads


What is the Open Compute Project and what is OCP Ready certified?

OCP was initially started by Facebook and several other technology companies to create a data centre design that would reduce cost and boost efficiency. The first Facebook facility built in Prineville, Oregon was a big success so the group decided to make the design information available to all through an open source format. These efforts ultimately led to the formation of the Open Compute Project Foundation.

OCP recognised the need for a certification program for colocation data centre such as Stellium, and the OCP Ready program was created.

The goal of the program is to identify Colocation data centre providers and facilities where an end-user can deploy OCP IT equipment without complications.  The majority of Open Compute hardware is deployed as a fully-populated rack. Data centre facilities must be able to easily accommodate racks of these weights and dimensions and be able to deploy multiple racks of such equipment at scale. In addition, the density of compute to meet scale demands and efficiency goals raises the bar for power and cooling specifications for racks.


Stellium Premium OCP Data Centre Provider

Because the program’s standards are open-source (like some software), operators know what a given rack needs to do in terms of size, capability, and power before it arrives onsite. The operator knows that the data centre needs to be designed and laid out to support this class of equipment.

OCP ReadyTM certification allows Stellium to demonstrate that an independent body has reviewed the basis of our infrastructure design. It confirms that state-of-the-art customer technology can be installed and operated efficiently in our accredited OCP ReadyTM data centre.

Further information on the OCP Facility Recognition Program can be accessed here.

Is your certification important for high-powered compute hardware end-users?

Yes. For current and prospective OCP Users it allows them to review the attributes of our Tier 3+ UK data centre and determine with confidence that we have the right facility to accommodate the OCP Open Racks and IT gear standard.

What areas within your UK data centre were audited to meet certification?

Stellium 1 achieved OCP compliance across all five functional areas within our data centre that the OCP program scrutinises including; Power, Cooling, IT Space Layout and Design, Facility Management and Control, and Facility Operations.

Our Newcastle-based data centre delivers a highly connected, sustainable colocation option for OCP project owners.


The Stellium 1 data centre offers the combined benefits of OCP compliance, a cool North of England climate (Newcastle: 22 deg C versus London: 32 deg C (June 2023), 80 MW (designed to scale to 180 MW) of REGO-certified renewable power, and a facility that has continuously achieved multiple additional certifications from ISO to Cyber Essentials to BREEAM.

Our facility maximises the mechanical performance and electrical efficiency of OCP servers and other equipment while providing access and equipment pathways for the largest OCP equipment throughout the data centre. The technical space provides a platform for the largest and heaviest rack enclosure system available under OCP specification.

Stellium’s UK data centre achieves over 74% in the ‘Optimum’ audited category, meaning that our systems go beyond the base requirement, ensuring compliance with emerging standards.

Roll out your OCP Project today


We’re technical experts

Our teams and partners are data centre and telecoms experts with deep knowledge of design architecture principles and practice.

Bring your OCP project to us and we can discuss and implement the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective solution to fit your needs.


We’re Sustainability and Innovation-driven

Our innovative sustainability measures reduce carbon footprint and customer power costs. From battery storage and solar solutions implemented onsite, to standby generator infrastructure operating on HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) that is 90% carbon-free.

These aren’t just one-off measures – Stellium is continuously employing sustainable processes and materials to create a resilient and efficient data centre operation.

We’re 14001 Environmental Management certified which recognises our enhanced environmental performance through the implementation and maintenance of equipment, systems, processes, and personnel training that work towards reducing environmental impact.


We’re highly cost-conscious

OCP is a scalable and cost-driven solution which are also some of the core values at Stellium.

We are uniquely positioned to further leverage the capex and opex reductions of your OCP roll-out, all the way to the data hall it’s being housed in.

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