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NCL-IX (Newcastle Internet Exchange)

NCL-IX Services

Stellium hosts the NCL-IX at its Newcastle data centre offering multiple peering opportunities to our clients.

The most effective way to minimise latency and cost is through peering – the direct exchange of IP traffic between two networks. You can peer by joining NCL-IX Internet Exchange today.

Internet Exchanges such as NCL-IX are nearly always located in carrier-neutral data centres like Stellium Data Centres UK, where network operators colocate in close proximity to the exchange’s data centre infrastructure. The NCL-IX allows network operators to securely peer with one another.

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How to connect to NCL-IX Internet Exchange

You can connect with the NCL-IX Internet Exchange by colocating in Stellium’s Newcastle data centre and then requesting a connection to the Exchange.

NCL-IX is operated as a neutral not-for-profit IXP open to any network that can meet the technical requirements and physically reach one of our PoPs (Points of Presence).

NCL-IX currently has two resiliently connected points of presence:

  • Telco-Room North, Stellium 1, 9 Cobalt Park Way, Cobalt Business Park, Tyne & Wear, NE28 9EJ, UK.
  • Telco-Room South, Stellium 1, 9 Cobalt Park Way, Cobalt Business Park, Tyne & Wear, NE28 9EJ, UK.

A 1Gb and/or 10Gb connection into either or both PoPs above is free of charge until January 2023.

NCL-IX supports connections to the above PoPs at speeds of 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 100Gbps. The following connection types are supported:

  • 1Gbps links via single-mode LX connections.
  • 10Gbps links via single-mode LR connections.
  • 100Gbps links via single-mode LR4 connections.
  • Longer distance optics (EX/ZX/ER/ZR) are also supported for an additional once-off fee.
  • Coloured optics for terminating DWDM wavelength can also be supported for an additional once-off fee.

Technical Requirements

NCL-IX operates a secure layer2 peering platform and conforms to all industry best practices including the use of IXP Manager and implementation of MANRS IXP requirements.

Any network connecting to NCL-IX Internet Exchange must meet the following technical requirements. New connections and changes to connected devices will be required to undergo a quarantine process so we can validate the following.

  • Frames forwarded to IXP ports shall have one of the following ether-types:
    • 0x0800 – IPv4
    • 0x0806 – ARP
    • 0x86dd – IPv6
  • One MAC address per port – frames received from an attached member device shall all have the same source MAC address. We use L2 ACLs to enforce this requirement.
  • Frames received from an attached member device shall not be addressed to a multicast or broadcast MAC destination address except as follows:
    • broadcast ARP packets
    • multicast IPv6 Neighbour Solicitation packets
  • No link local protocols with the exception of link aggregation control protocols (LACP) such as IEEE 802.3ad.
  • Interfaces connected to IXP peering LAN ports shall only use IP addresses and netmasks assigned to them by the NCL-IX.
  • IPv6 addresses (link & global scope) shall be explicitly configured and not auto-configured.
  • IPv6 site-local addresses shall not be used.
  • Members must not use NCL-IX to exchange traffic between their own connections without permission.
  • Members must have a public AS number issued by an RIR and routable IP space.
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Negotiate IP transit costs with any of the carriers hosted at Stellium’s Newcastle Data Centre.

Avoid IP transit expenditure.

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Reduced Risk

Increase resilience by using multiple network providers.

Achieve maximum security by colocating in Stellium’s state-of-the-art, secure Newcastle Data Centre.

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Improve end-user experience by routing traffic more directly than your current network allows.

For further detailed information on the NCL-IX Internet Exchange including membership, pricing and connection please see: or contact the NCL-IX team today at:

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