As the healthcare industry drives toward increased transparency and improved access to quality care, while also navigating ever-more stringent requirements to assure maximum security and compliance, organizations are challenged to reduce cost and gain efficiency through a more digital way of working. This is when healthcare organisations turn to Stellium. At our highly secure and compliant data centre campus in Newcastle your data resides in the UK which gives you, and and your clients confidence in their data security.

Stellium Data Centres help healthcare organisations overcome unprecedented challenges.

Healthcare executives are faced with increasing pressure to innovate new products and services, reduce costs, provide improved patient outcomes and assure data security and compliance.

The adoption of new technologies across healthcare systems come with increased volumes of data that have prompted organizations to seek out new solutions for IT infrastructure. Opportunities for healthcare organisations to outsource these solutions are leading them to Stellium Data Centres.

Digital data is exploding due to technological advances. Stellium’s flexible, scalable data centre solutions readily match the needs of your growing organisational needs, now and in the future.
Increased enforcement of GDPR security is compelling healthcare organizations to upgrade data security and disaster recovery protocols or face high penalties. With Stelliums Interconnected facility, you can mix-and-match highly secure data centres for disaster recovery using our in-house Internet Exchange NCL-IX.

Applications containing electronic protected health care information, digital imaging, revenue cycle and billing software, and other clinical applications are required to follow strict compliance guidelines. Your mission-critical applications are your lifeblood. Stellium is one of the most compliant data centres in the UK having been awarded multiple certifications.

Let Stellium focus on building and operating your data centre infrastructure, so you can focus on running your organisation and serving your customers

Managing the transition to outsourcing a data centre can be daunting.

With a long history of successfully serving the Healhcare industry, Stelliums management team is standing ready to ensure that your organisation is equipped with the best bespoke data centre solutions – tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, for today and tomorrow.

Discover why Healthcare Organisations trust Stellium

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

Flexible data centre solutions scalable to match the needs of growing businesses.

  • Consultation in scoping, engineering and implementation to ensure that your solutions are right-sized for your needs now and in the future.
  • Choose the level of power redundancy needed for your applications (2N)
  • Contract flexibility to ramp into your purchased power and space.
  • Office space available for permanent or temporary staffing.

Optimised Reliability

An engineered solution that delivers optimum uptime and availability for your mission-critical applications.

Proven, Innovative Technology

Benefit from the latest data centre technology at Stellium for your IT environment.

  • Power densities up to 50 KW per rack so you can scale your server environment vertically, with increased power to optimize your footprint.
  • Delivery of large-scale deployments and build outs in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Stelliums carrier neutral data centre enables you to mix and match network providers and enjoy optimal connectivity using our inhouse Internet Exchange NCL-IX.

Exceptional Service

Receive experienced service through all stages of the relationship – design, buildout, installation, management and reporting.

  • Data centres designed and built by Stellium to the highest global industry standards.
  • Experienced implementation team that understands the complexities of various-sized organization’s requirements for key processes, management, information handling and security needs.
  • Complete transparency with no hidden fees.

Global Connectivity

Stellium is the UK’s only data centre hosting the cable landing station for the new NO-UK cable from the Nordics:

Stellium’s data centre is also the UK hub for data transmitted between the United States, the UK and Europe on the North Atlantic Loop, a new transatlantic subsea fibre network provided by Aquacomms:

Our critical location in high-growth Northern England delivers world-beating connectivity, from America to the west to Europe to the east and south.

Speak to us today about our comprehensive custom solutions for your colocation and networking requirements.

Stellium’s hosted Internet Exchange NCL-IX

Stelliums hosts NCL-IX, the UKs newest carrier-neutral Internet exchange point connecting Newcastle to data from sub-sea & international networks and UK national and regional networks for content, ISPs and cloud.

You can peer by joining NCL-IX where we offer multiple peering opportunities to our clients – connect with the NCL-IX Internet Exchange by colocating in Stelliums Newcastle data centre and then requesting a connection to the IX.

Stellium are committed to supporting the local internet ecosystem in the north east of England and have committed to operating NCL-IX on a neutral not-for-profit basis.

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Sales Executive 
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Stellium Data Centers has been monitoring the gradually developing Covid-19 situation. Given the risks this virus creates then Stellium has as, a contingency already activated its Business Continuity Plan ensuring that Stellium is prepared in advance to maintain service as the situation develops. Stellium relies on the UK Government and NHS advise in assessing its response and is continually assessing the measures, it has in place, and how these need to be adjusted as circumstances change. Please contact our team by email on if you have any questions.