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Green Mission & Energy

Latest Update: CBRE releases North of England data centre market report and Stellium Data Centres cited as viable alternative to London for hyperscalers

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Green Mission

Stelliums mission is to minimize our carbon footprint, employ sustainable processes and materials, decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and create a resilient and efficient data centre. We can most effectively deliver this mission through coordinating our sustainable activities closely with our clients and supply chain to create a holistic community solution

Green Energy

Stellium have been delivering 100% renewable electrical energy as standard to our clients for a number of years. Our current energy supply agreements are accredited by OFGEM under the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme for delivery of renewable energy. We continue to work with our energy supply chain to develop a wide range of renewable energy products and dedicated source traceability combined with efficiency and best value for money.

Data Centre energy supply facts:

  • Stellium have been successful in Securing CCA Tariff relief over the last 3 years. This involved achieving Targets set by the UK Government Agent – Tech UK in terms of Carbon saved and kWhrs saved. These are audited by Tech UK to validate their integrity. .
  • Stellium have developed (with a service partner) a scheme to go-off national grid power during defined periods of grid peak loads (see below). This is a scalable solution which will grow with the load development of the DC. This will provide substantial support to the grid, create tangible tariff relief and contribute considerably to our ISO 14001 Environmental Management scope 1.
  • Stellium DC Campus supplied directly via dual diverse service from 275kV National Grid.
  • Onshore substation for the Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Wind Farm (currently operational with 5 turbines generating over 40MW capacity with potential to expand
  • North Sea Link Project – UK / Norway interconnector – 1400MW Hydro Power
  • SSE Renewables and Equinor are currently constructing the world’s biggest offshore wind project’ Dogger Bank, which comprises of three 1.2GW sites. The Port of Tyne in Newcastle is to become the onshore base for the wind farm, which is expected to provide renewable electricity for more than 4.5 million UK homes and businesses when it is fully operational.
  • As part of our ISO 14001 we have a program of recycling of end of life elements and waste. These require full certification to verify valid route to recycling and disposal.
  • Our generators operate on HVO (hydrogenated Vegetable Oil). This product is 90% Carbon free.

Data Centre Carbon Footprint Reduction Measures (Battery & Solar)

Stellium has implemented an innovative battery storage and solar solution to further reduce our carbon footprint and customer energy costs.

End to end Data Centre Consultancy TDCS (Total Data Centre Solutions) which works with leading data centre and heavy power user clients across the UK and Ireland to reduce ICT carbon footprint and power costs, worked with us on the solution, which will be implemented by sustainable energy storage solutions experts EOS (Energy Optimisation Solutions).

The initial scheme comprises a containerised 2.3MWh battery storage solution and rooftop solar PV system connecting to Stellium Datacenters electrical infrastructure in Newcastle. The scheme is expandable as required.

Savings in power costs are achieved through a reduction in DUoS (Distribution Use of System charges) and Capacity Market charges as well as capturing arbitrage value between peak and off-peak rates in the wholesale and balancing mechanism markets. Additional revenue is achieved through grid balancing services. The new Solar PV asset will displace approx. 380,000kWh of imported power from the grid, reducing costs against retail priced grid power.

Carbon reduction from operation of the scheme will be around 125.9Mt of Co2 per annum which we will directly benefit from in terms of carbon reduction and reporting.

At Stellium we and our clients are well aware of the impact of data centres on the environment and we continuously research and implement every available solution to reduce our carbon footprint.

Green Innovation and Design

Stellium have deployed design and operational innovations to help us achieve higher energy efficiency within our data centre such as:

  • Excellent BREEAM rating
  • P.U.E of 1.24
  • Free Cooling Chillers
  • Direct and indirect cooling to accommodate high efficiency, high power density rack requirements
  • VSC (Variable Speed Control) on all pumps/fans to optimise energy usage
  • DCIM (Datacenter Integrated Management)
  • Adaptive Control Systems
  • ASHRAE thermal guidelines
  • Cold/hot aisle containment
  • Energy-efficient lighting systems
  • High Temperature Chilled Water Set Points

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