Data Centre for Digital Media and Streaming Industries

Digital Media and Streaming Industries

Media & Streaming Services Data Centres

Monetizing digital content is achieved by optimizing delivery and distribution, enabling the best audience experiences to ensure higher retention and customer adoption.

Data Centre Solutions for Digital Media and Streaming companies require secure and scalable visual media data centre services. Stelliums data centre solutions allow you to control your costs, scale as your data needs grow and streamline your deployments with best-in-class data centre performance, reliability, and uptime.

Stellium Data Centres solutions meet the needs of media & streaming companies who require scalable, secure colocation & digital network solutions.

Media and streaming companies are facing change at a rapid pace. An explosion of digital content means they must revamp their digital supply chain and use Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud computing to augment and evolve.
For the certified, secure online environments and high levels of performance and reliability they require they trust Stellium – The Data Meridian.

Visual Media and streaming data centre services are leveraging Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to push content into multi-channel, multi-screen environments at a reduced cost. Using best-in-breed technology to enrich the digital supply chain and improve their competitive advantage, they are choosing Stellium as their data centre provider of choice.

Building your digital archives includes digitising assets and leveraging these archives to support ongoing production. All these advancements require Stellium’s secure, scalable, long term data centre solutions.

Data Centre Solutions For Media Organisations:

  • Multimedia storage and distribution
  • High performance computing (HPC)
  • Uninterrupted uptime / SLA uptime
  • Scalable services
  • High bandwidth availability
  • Secure online environment
  • Secure monitoring to prevent unauthorized access
  • Certified business continuity
  • Improved recovery time / Disruption time
  • Service optimization and capacity planning
  • Uninterrupted access from anywhere
  • High levels of performance, quality of service and reliability.

Managing the transition to outsourcing a data centre can be daunting

With a long history of successfully providing data centre services to the Digital Media and Streaming industry, Stellium’s management team is standing ready to ensure that your enterprise is equipped with the best bespoke business data centre services– tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise, for today and tomorrow.

Discover why Media and Streaming companies trust Stellium

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

Flexible data centre solutions scalable to match the needs of growing businesses.

  • Consultation in scoping, engineering and implementation to ensure that your solutions are right-sized for your needs now and in the future.
  • Choose the level of power redundancy needed for your applications (2N)
  • Contract flexibility to ramp into your purchased power and space.
  • Office space available for permanent or temporary staffing.

Optimised Reliability

An engineered solution that delivers optimum up time and availability for your mission-critical applications.

Proven, Innovative Technology

Benefit from the latest data centre technology at Stellium for your IT environment.

  • Power densities up to 50 KW per rack so you can scale your server environment vertically, with increased power to optimise your footprint.
  • Delivery of large-scale deployments and build outs in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Stellium’s carrier neutral data centre enables you to mix and match network providers and enjoy optimal digital connectivity using our inhouse Internet Exchange NCL-IX.

Exceptional Service

Receive experienced service through all stages of the relationship – design, buildout, installation, management and reporting.

  • Data centres designed and built by Stellium to the highest global industry standards.
  • Experienced implementation team that understands the complexities of various-sized organisation’s requirements for key processes, management, information handling and security needs.
  • Complete transparency with no hidden fees.

Global Digital Connectivity


Stellium is a UK hub for data transmitted between the United States, the UK and Europe as the cable landing station for the North Sea Connect cable, part of the North Atlantic Loop transatlantic subsea fibre network provided by Aquacomms.

The Aqua Comms Global network is a resilient, ring-based infrastructure providing the highest availability between the East Coast of the U.S., Ireland, and Northern Europe. Capacity Services, Managed Spectrum, Fibre Pair Solutions & Professional Services can be provided throughout these networks. Services are provided across multiple systems to offer true diversity, but can be offered on a single system to suit your needs.

Further details on Aqua Comms services can be found here.

Stellium is also the UK data centre cable landing station (CLS) for the Altibox-Carrier NO-UK subsea fibre cable running to/from the Nordics and mainland Europe.

NO-UK connects the Nordics to important digital hubs such as Newcastle, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Hamburg. With a capacity of up to 160 terabits per second, the subsea fibre cable significantly increases data capacity between the Nordics and the rest of the world.

Further information on the NO-UK network can be found here.

Our critical location in high-growth Northern England delivers world-beating connectivity, from America to the west to Europe to the east and south.

Speak to us today about our comprehensive custom solutions for your colocation and connectivity requirements.

Stellium’s hosted Internet Exchange NCL-IX

Stelliums hosts NCL-IX, the UKs newest carrier-neutral Internet exchange point connecting Newcastle to data from sub-sea & international networks and UK national and regional networks for content, ISPs and cloud.

You can peer by joining NCL-IX where we offer multiple peering opportunities to our clients – connect with the NCL-IX Internet Exchange by colocating in Stelliums Newcastle data centre and then requesting a connection to the IX.

Stellium are committed to supporting the local internet ecosystem in the north east of England and have committed to operating NCL-IX on a neutral not-for-profit basis.

Let Stellium Data Centres extend your businesses reach into the national and international marketplace

Leading businesses interconnect at the Stellium Newcastle data centre and our cloud and carrier members are growing every day.

The current connectivity providers based at Stelliums Newcastle data centres are:

Newcastle Meets London with the NCL-IX and LINX (London Internet Exchange) Strategic Partnership

Stellium Data centres, home of the Newcastle Internet Exchange (NCL-IX), and the London Internet Exchange (LINX) work together to provide digital solutions for businesses to enable ‘digital transformation.

Our joint solutions are proving popular as historically, sustainable colocation, global connectivity and wholesale bandwidth solutions have been problematic with huge cost implications.

The proposition which has been tailored specifically to industries served by Stellium and facilitates access to the UK’s newest submarine cables from Aquacomms and Altibox/NO-UK connecting to the Nordics and North America’s with the lowest latency available.

Beyond this, with our multiple carrier partners ultra-low latency networks, any business located at either LINX in London, Manchester or Scotland or NCL-IX in Newcastle, can reach global destinations without the overheads or time taken to buy direct connectivity between sites.

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