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Data Centre Immersion cooling is a method of cooling data centres in which the IT equipment is submerged in a liquid coolant. This can provide several benefits over traditional air cooling methods for data centre customers, including:

  • Increased cooling efficiency: The high thermal conductivity of liquids allows for more effective heat transfer from the IT equipment to the coolant, which can help reduce the cooling load and energy consumption.
  • Reduced cooling infrastructure: Data Centre Immersion cooling eliminates the need for traditional cooling infrastructure, such as air conditioning units and fans, which can save space and costs.
  • Improved reliability: Immersion cooling can help protect IT equipment from dust, debris, and other environmental factors that can cause damage or failure. It also eliminates the need for air filters which can provide an additional layer of protection.
  • Scalability: Immersion cooling can be scaled up or down to match the cooling needs of the data centre, which can help improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Increased density: Immersion cooling can allow for higher IT equipment density, as it eliminates the need for spacing between racks for air flow.

It’s important to carefully evaluate the benefits and risks of immersion cooling before deciding whether to implement it in your data centre.

Stellium has partnered with a leader in data centre Immersion Cooling Technology (TDCS and GRC) and can supply our customers with direct benefits from this highly efficient technology.

Key Aspects of Data Center Cooling Systems:

  • Traditional Cooling Methods: Historically, data centres have relied on air-based cooling systems. These involve the use of air conditioning units, CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units, and strategically designed airflow management through raised floors or hot/cold aisle configurations. While effective, these methods often demand high energy consumption and extensive infrastructure.
  • Innovative Approaches to Cooling: With the advancement in technology, data centres are now exploring more efficient and sustainable cooling solutions. This includes liquid cooling methods, where coolant directly absorbs the heat from the equipment, and indirect cooling systems where external air is used to cool the internal environment without directly interfacing with the internal air.
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: Modern cooling solutions focus on enhancing energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint. Methods such as free cooling, which utilises external air temperatures, and the use of renewable energy sources, are increasingly popular.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: As data centres grow and adapt to changing technologies and demands, cooling systems must be scalable and flexible. This ensures they can accommodate increasing heat loads without compromising on efficiency or requiring extensive redesign.
  • Monitoring and Automation: Implementing intelligent monitoring systems and automated controls is crucial for maintaining optimal temperatures and identifying potential issues before they escalate. This ensures a consistent and reliable cooling performance.

Patented Immersion Cooling Solutions For High-Performance Computing Data Centres

Slash Server Energy

The immersion cooling technology helps create favourable budget economics by reducing server energy a full 10 to 20% by removing the server cooling fans. The reduction in power is the only power required to run the immersion cooling system. No air conditioning load or requirement. Our equipment draws less power than the server fans we remove.

Solve Your Power and Space Density Challenges

The immersion cooling data centre solutions can future-proof your operation by reliably cooling up to 50 to 100 kW/rack such as those supported at Stellium. The support for high rack densities allows you to put more compute in a rack, while the absence of hot/cold aisles helps you put racks back to back, saving valuable space in your data centre.

Get More Compute From Your Budget

Our solution eliminates the need for costly air-cooling infrastructure such as chillers, air handlers, humidity controls and even raised floors, helping you cut data centre infrastructure costs by up to 50%. The lower spend on infrastructure allows you to reduce CapEx or allocate more of your budget toward what you really care about: computing power.

GRC’s ICEraQ Series 10 cools the Lonestar6 supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing Centre (Photo: TACC)

Lower Your Data Centre Maintenance and Operating Costs

Our single-phase data centre immersion cooling system has only two moving parts: coolant pumps and water pumps. This improves reliability and eliminates the operating and maintenance costs of complex components by removing chillers, air handlers and humidity control systems, resulting in significantly lower OpEx.

Cut Out the Noise

Typical HPC facilities are so loud that they mandate hearing protection. our immersion cooling system is virtually silent, delivering a much better work environment for your Data Centre Teams.

HPC Example Configuration

High-performance cooling for High-performance computing

ICEraQ One + Supermicro 1028 GQ-TR
Support over 100kW of compute per rack with the ICEraQ One.
42 Supermicro 1028 GQ servers each with:

  • 4 x Nvidia Tesla K80s
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V4
  • 8x16GB DDR4 Memory
  • Intel S3520 150GB SSD
  • Up to 2000W per 1U chassis

50% lower energy cost: 10-20% lower IT energy, 95% lower cooling energy.
50% lower infrastructure cost allows you to get more compute from your budget.

For further information please see TDCS here.

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