Stellium 1 | Stellium Data Centres | Operational Data Hall

Covering an area of more than 4,264m2 and divided into four 4MW IT data halls whilst being fully scalable, it’s one of the most efficient colocation data centres in the UK.

Connected direct to the 275KV National Grid, Stellium Data Centres ensure low-cost, ultra-reliable power at whatever levels you need.

Stellium data centre 1

  • Tier-3+
  • ISO-27001 certified facility
  • 4,264 of IT space (traditional water-cooled)
  • 4 x 1066 m2 IT sectors
  • North Atlantic Loop CLS (Cable Landing Station)
  • 2 x Meet-Me rooms
  • PUE rating at 1.24
  • Support from low to high density racks (including HPC)
  • BREAM Rated Outstanding

There are many reasons to choose Newcastle as your data centre location of choice. Why continue to locate in congested London with increasing power costs and repeated issues with infrastructure when:

  • Stellium provides 80 MW’s of power at Stellium 1 Newcastle
  • Stellium provides metered power contracts – in London the infrastructure to give metered contracts is not available. Energy is now 70% of your colocation cost so this is a major issue for your business in terms of transparency.
  • Stellium provides mobilisation time for contracts up to 1.3MW in 4 weeks
  • Stellium has no latency congestion. In fact we provide some of the lowest latency now available in the UK. As the landing station for the latest international subsea fibre cables, Newcastle is now closer to New York than the capital is.
  • Stellium has no cooling issues – unlike London data centres who experienced major cooling issues in 2022, Stellium had none

Power usage effectiveness (PUE)

Delivers a verified design PUE of 1.2 when operated within the industry-recommended temperature and humidity parameters.


Tier III+ design

Our colocation data centres meets all Tier III+ requirements of concurrent maintainability, diverse engineering and avoidance of single points of failure.


Campus electrical power

80MVA via four 20MVA 11kV feeds to two dedicated SSE switch-rooms, with scalability up to 120MVA.


IT power density

11MW IT power delivering 8kW racks (3kW per square metre) across each data hall, with a local capability of up to 34kW per rack.