Stellium Datacenters’ operations create a secure, safe, controlled and robust environment from which our clients can operate their IT infrastructure. Offering the highest quality connectivity to local, national and global fibre networks, the Stellium Datacenter platform is supported by four pillars of service excellence:

Security & Safety

Stellium Datacenters offers a world-class standard of security and safety to give our clients complete peace of mind. Our high-security environment has been built by our highly trained security team using the very latest in security technologies to ensure the integrity of our clients’ data and operations.

All of our security and safety processes comply with the relevant international and British standards for security, business continuity and safety: ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and OHSAS 18001.


Stellium Datacenters operates its high-security IT halls strictly in accordance with the environmental standards set by ASHRAE. We employ a state-of-the-art building management system to monitor temperature and humidity levels, which can be accessed by on-site technicians to identify potential issues and prevent problems developing. In addition, our engineering cooling infrastructure meets the demands for concurrently maintainable site infrastructure for Tier 3 and 4 datacenters.


Stellium Datacenters’ IT halls have a high-density power configuration of more than 2kW per square metre, and can accommodate rack-power densities from 4kW to 34kW. With our energy partner, we can provide dual 40MVA supplies that can scale up to 60MVA. We employ a Trinergy 1MW UPS unit module to ensure power availability, and a Schneider DCIM system to provide capacity planning and management and asset lifecycle management. In addition, standby generators with on-site diesel storage allow our datacenters to operate independently on full power for 48 hours should the need arise.


Stellium’s datacenter campus is service-provider neutral to give our clients choice of connectivity to local, national and global fibre networks. Stellium completed the Newcastle MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) using the latest fibre technologies to bring Newcastle’s major business communities within easy reach of Stellium’s datacenters. In addition, we provide connectivity along the MAN to major service-provider hubs to create a wide range of high-volume national data paths.