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Data Centre Infrastructure and Operations

Stellium provides secure, 24/7 data centre services within a controlled, robust environment, adhering to global compliance standards for top-tier data centre infrastructure and operations.

With leading connectivity to local, national and global fibre networks, we have all that your business requires.

Stellium operations are supported by pillars of service excellence covering:

Data Centres With Global, National and Local Connectivity

Our critical location in high-growth Northern England delivers world-beating connectivity, from America to the west to Europe to the east and south.

Metro (MAN)

metropolitan area networks 1The Stellium Newcastle MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) which we created achieves several outcomes including enhancing Newcastle City high speed network, enabling LFFN, facilitating connectivity at long haul to Tier 1 Internet locations such as London, enabling 5G services and driving the North East Combined Authority objectives of the Digital Economy.

National Carrier Network

Our campus is carrier-neutral, and we’re actively increasing the number of carriers all the time – this gives you business more opportunities for choice and greater value.

Global Subsea Networks

The cable landing stations (CLS) are located within our highly secure data centre, making us unique in the UK in terms of security resilience

Stellium is a UK hub for data transmitted between the United States, the UK and Europe as the cable landing station for the North Sea Connect cable, part of the North Atlantic Loop transatlantic subsea fibre network provided by Aquacomms.

The Aqua Comms Global network is a resilient, ring-based infrastructure providing the highest availability between the East Coast of the U.S., Ireland, and Northern Europe. Capacity Services, Managed Spectrum, Fibre Pair Solutions & Professional Services can be provided throughout these networks. Services are provided across multiple systems to offer true diversity, but can be offered on a single system to suit your needs.

Further details on Aqua Comms services can be found here.

Stellium is also the UK data centre cable landing station (CLS) for the Altibox-Carrier NO-UK subsea fibre cable running to/from the Nordics and mainland Europe.

NO-UK connects the Nordics to important digital hubs such as Newcastle, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Hamburg. With a capacity of up to 160 terabits per second, the subsea fibre cable significantly increases data capacity between the Nordics and the rest of the world.

Further information on the NO-UK network can be found here.


Stellium’s hosted Internet Exchange (IXP)

data center solutions 61Stelliums hosts NCL-IX, the UKs newest carrier-neutral Internet exchange point connecting Newcastle to data from sub-sea & international networks and UK national and regional networks for content, ISPs and cloud.

You can peer by joining NCL-IX where we offer multiple peering opportunities to our clients – connect with the NCL-IX Internet Exchange by colocating in Stelliums Newcastle data centre and then requesting a connection to the IX.

Stellium are committed to supporting the internet ecosystem in the UK and have committed to operating NCL-IX on a neutral not-for-profit basis.

Security & Safety

Stellium’s advanced operations remove the effort, expense and risk out of physical data centre security by employing strict security protocols that protect your physical assets.

The physical security of our customers’ deployments is critical to our operational culture and we have the people, systems, processes, and experience to deliver the secure data services you require.

We offer credential-based access control, intrusion detection and unified video surveillance with interior and exterior cameras throughout our Newcastle campus. Two-factor access authentication and man traps are standard at our data centres, along with user-based permissions and managed security zones.

Additionally, we deploy:

  •  Experienced on-site data centre security guards 24×7×365
  • Biometric and key-card security for strict access control, up to the cage level
  • Secure passages to prevent tailgating
  • Reinforced physical infrastructure that includes concrete bollards, bullet resistant glass, steel-lined walls and perimeter fencing,
  • Perimeter security that includes iron fences, gates and restricted access to the campus
  • Dedicated data halls, suites, and cages to minimise traffic
operations 1

Innovative Power Solutions

Stellium’s experts know what it takes to deliver the power you require from kilowatts to megawatts and we work to identify and deploy innovative power solutions that you can rely on for today and tomorrow’s high-density demands.

Our data centres can offer high-density power that can accommodate cloud, gaming, high-frequency trading, and other power-hungry services whilst following all data compliance requirements.

With our years of experience building secure data centres at scale for some of the world’s most successful companies, we provide power solutions that meet the needs of virtually any customer.

Part of Stellium’s operations is managing the process end-to-end, delivering the power you need, where you need it, working with local resources and offering unique, creative solutions including onsite power generation, development, and build where required.

Our direct connection to the 275KV National Grid ensures low-cost, ultra-robust power. Our IT halls have a high-density power configuration of more than 3kW per square metre and can accommodate rack-power densities from 4kW to 34kW. This is backed by standby generators and on-site diesel storage to guarantee an uninterruptible power supply.

275kV National Grid Connection

Stellium’s direct connection to the national grid at 275kV creates a level of resilience not found in many parts of the UK. The 275kV grid can absorb even the toughest of what nature has to throw at it in terms of severe weather, electrical storms and lightning strikes. In the 20 years of iCobalt Business Parks operation there has never been an unplanned electrical outage.

At 275kV it can transport hundreds of Megawatts extremely efficiently. Its proximity to Dogger Bank – the largest off-shore windfarm in the world at 1.2GW capacity will be strategic in linking this power to local users and the national grid.


From the site itself to the way we operate and the power we use, Stellium offers a greener alternative for data centre and colocation services users.

The purpose-built data centre was constructed to BREEAM Excellent Standards. Additionally, our onsite electrical energy is 100% REGO certified renewable, and with Dogger Bank, the world’s largest wind farm nearby, whatever your needs you can be assured of power from renewable sources. We offer sustainable infrastructure, driven by a low P.U.E of 1.2. Standby infrastructure is operated on HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) that is 90% carbon-free. We’re 14001 Environmental Management certified which recognises our enhanced environmental performance through the implementation and maintenance of equipment, systems, processes, and personnel training that work towards reducing environmental impact.

Stellium implements battery storage and solar solution at Newcastle Data Centre

The innovative sustainability measures will further reduce carbon footprint and customer power costs at our Newcastle data centre.

Savings in power costs will be achieved through a reduction in DUoS (Distribution Use of System charges) and Capacity Market charges as well as capturing arbitrage value between peak and off-peak rates in the wholesale and balancing mechanism markets. Additional revenue will be achieved through grid balancing services. The new Solar PV asset will displace approx. 380,000kWh of imported power from the grid, reducing costs against retail priced grid power.

For more on this, see here.

Compliance, Certifications & OCP Ready Data Centre Solutions

Our commitment to innovation and high standards of excellence are reflected in the accreditations we achieve for our Newcastle data centres and network services.

As your IT infrastructure grows, Stellium understands the importance of ensuring secure data while optimising efficiency for all of our clients.

Furthermore, our data centre and network operations have garnered leading industry recognition that supports the data compliance requirements and sustainability goals of your business.

Annual audits performed by an accredited auditor validate that our data centres and network adhere to strict data compliance standards regarding our operations, security and reliability.

Our compliance certifications achieved includes OCP Ready™ certification, ISO-27001 Information Security, ISO-14001 Environmental Management, ISO-9001 Quality Management, ISO-20000 IT Service Management and ISO-22301 Business Continuity Management certification along with PSN Network and Cyber Essentials+ certifications.

All certifications based on our operations are available to our clients on request.


Our Tier 3+ data centre operates strictly in accordance with the environmental standards set by ASHRAE, the global benchmark for built environments.

We employ a state-of-the-art building management system (BMS) to monitor power, temperature and humidity levels. In addition, our engineering infrastructure is fully maintainable without affecting operations.

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