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Data Centre Solutions in the UK

Premium UK Data Centre Solutions in Newcastle

One of the UK’s largest purpose-built data centre campuses. 80 MWs (designed to scale to 180 MWs) of REGO certified renewable power available

Latest Update: CBRE releases North of England data centre market report and Stellium Data Centres cited as viable alternative to London for hyperscalers

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Our UK based data centre provides the power, space and flexibility to meet the business requirements of today and empower the business goals of tomorrow.

High Performance Data Centre Solutions

Stellium’s data centres in the UK are engineered to provide a robust foundation for a wide array of business requirements, catering to both current needs and future expansions. Our approach to data centre solutions is holistic, focusing on delivering a blend of power, space, and flexibility that is unrivalled in the industry.

Colocation Services: 

We offer bespoke colocation services that allow businesses to house their IT infrastructure in our state-of-the-art facilities. This includes providing the physical space, power, cooling, and security needed to maintain and operate servers and networking equipment efficiently.

Advanced Network Services: 

Connectivity is key in the digital age, and our network services are designed to provide ultra-low latency and high bandwidth solutions. Whether it’s connecting to the cloud, establishing direct connections to other data centres, or accessing internet services, our network infrastructure ensures optimal performance.

Scalable Infrastructure: 

Understanding the dynamic nature of business, our data centres are designed for scalability. This allows for easy expansion as your business grows, ensuring that your IT infrastructure can keep pace with your evolving demands.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: 

We prioritise the continuity of your operations. Our data centre solutions are built with redundancy and resilience in mind, providing peace of mind through disaster recovery capabilities and robust backup systems.

Sustainability and Efficiency: 

Our Newcastle facility, the largest purpose-built data centre campus in the UK, exemplifies our commitment to sustainability. Constructed to BREEAM outstanding standards, it incorporates eco-friendly practices and technologies. The direct link to a 275KV National Grid, along with a dedicated energy source, not only ensures ultra-reliability but also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.

Customised Solutions: 

Recognising that each business has unique requirements, we offer customised solutions tailored to specific needs. From hosting critical applications to providing high-density power setups, we ensure that our solutions align perfectly with your business objectives.

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