Management team

Gerry Murray,

Chief Commercial Officer

Coming from an intensive technology background, Gerry has more than 25 years’ senior-level multi- disciplinary experience in the military, telecoms, IT systems and logistics sectors. He has worked for international organisations across five continents, including the UN, Lockheed Martin, Metromedia, PacketExchange and Egenera. His previous roles include Network Director at euNetworks, CTO for Citadel100 and CEO of Fort Technology. As well as data centres, his extensive technology experience covers long-haul and metro networks, disaster recovery and high-availability systems, cloud- computing platforms and orchestration software.


Stellium closely monitor the developing Covid-19 situation. Given the risks it creates Stellium has as a contingency already activated its Business Continuity Plan ensuring we are prepared in advance to maintain normal services. Stellium relies on the UK Government and NHS advice in shaping its response and continues to assess the measures it has in place and how these need to be adjusted as circumstances change. For further contact email;