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Eco System

The digital economy increasingly depends on modern data centres. Remaining current with fast-paced developments in areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) requires the highest levels of availability and operational excellence from datacenter operators. As a result, data centres are becoming significantly larger in scale and more interconnected in nature.

As an innovative business-technology company, Stellium takes a broad view of the entire technology infrastructure. Our data centres form a single interconnected and highly dynamic physical ecosystem, comprising space, power, cooling, cabling, Mechanical and Engineering (M&E) assets, and systems (both IT and facilities). Each element exists in close relationship with the others.

Holistically monitoring and managing the vast expanse of interconnectivity and interdependencies in such an environment creates the level of robustness, productivity and innovation necessary to support the challenging needs of today’s workloads.

Stellium hosts the most demanding of mission-critical services. Client can avail of one of our wholesale sectors, in individual racks and caged suites, or on our cloud-based platform. To maintain such an advanced environment, we have adopted new ways of thinking about infrastructure: in particular, Stellium works closely with its ecosystem partners including: Cundall, Aqua Comms, Zayo, ix reach, CommsworldIDS, Ekkosense and NELEP amongst others. Together we continue to seek out new opportunities for improving power, cooling and connectivity, as well as capacity planning, change management, scalability, power densities, and more.

The Regional Hub Model

The Stellium Tier III+ data centre campus will be home to a range of diverse, but connected, sectors:

  • Global technology, media and telecommunications
  • Major corporate enterprises
  • Central UK government departments
  • Major service providers and outsourcers
  • Local government, academia and SMEs
  • Start-up and entrepreneurial organisations

Stellium is a super aggregation point for its eco system of telecommunications operators and content providers. Its Internet Exchange Point fosters a community approach to the eco system based on mutual interests and needs.

Stellium includes in its busines objectives support to UK public sector services such as HSCN, PSN and to academia such as the JANET network.

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