Data Meridian

As the Greenwich Meridian separates east from west, so now there is a new meridian for data.

Stellium is the UK’s only cable landing station for the new North Sea Connect cable and the UK’s newest Internet Exchange Point. That makes Stellium the meeting place for data transfer east and west, as well as locally and nationally.


By bypassing London, Newcastle is effectively closer to New York than the capital is. And where old-style cabling could only transfer about 3 terabits per second of data, now 30 terabits a second is possible – a tenfold increase.

It means we offer a whole new world of opportunity for enterprise communications, content providers and social media companies. Not to mention the financial sector, where saving milliseconds can earn millions of dollars.


No other location offers this level of connectivity, direct from the US and through to mainland Europe. Even better, it’s backed up by the UK’s largest purpose-built data centre campus, with Tier 3 technology and green power linked direct to the National Grid.


Stellium’s communications capacity is world class. Bridging the Sub sea, international, national and regional telecommunications networks Stellium is an ideal internet exchange point for the exchange of content.Stellium is the global Data Meridian.


Stellium closely monitor the developing Covid-19 situation. Given the risks it creates Stellium has as a contingency already activated its Business Continuity Plan ensuring we are prepared in advance to maintain normal services. Stellium relies on the UK Government and NHS advice in shaping its response and continues to assess the measures it has in place and how these need to be adjusted as circumstances change. For further contact email;