Xterity Cloud Support

Xterity Customer Support

Stellium’s Xterity cloud service is committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of support and delivers a 24/7/365 global technical support service for all Xterity Cloud Services offerings. Support can be contacted using the service portal here.

Ticket Serverity Guidelines

Severity 1 – One or more hosted servers are unavailable or unresponsive to all users or need to be restored from backup or DR systems

Severity 2 – One or more hosted servers are not functioning normally or a subset of users are having a hard time accessing them.

Severity 3 – Changes are needed to the configuration of one or more environments and cannot be executed via the portal. User needs assistance with restoring a files, requests for assistance troubleshooting non-cloud issues, one or more servers are having performance issues.

Severity 4 – Requests for assistance with sales, professional services, or enhancements.


Stellium closely monitor the developing Covid-19 situation. Given the risks it creates Stellium has as a contingency already activated its Business Continuity Plan ensuring we are prepared in advance to maintain normal services. Stellium relies on the UK Government and NHS advice in shaping its response and continues to assess the measures it has in place and how these need to be adjusted as circumstances change. For further contact email;