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Stellium is where sustainable colocation, global subsea and terrestrial communications converge

Stelliums Northern Powerhouse location in Newcastle has emerged as a major UK interconnection hub. Stellium is the secure UK cable landing station for the new international subsea cables from Aqua Comms (to/from the USA), and the new Nordic subsea cables from Altibox/NO-UK (to/from the Nordics and Mainland Europe), as well as the home of the UK’s newest Internet Exchange Point NCL-IXThe cable landing station is within our secure data centre, making it unique in the UK.

We provide the UK’s best-in-class data centre and connectivity services for companies operating in the fintech and high frequency trading sector, the energy services sector, technology and internet services, visual media and streaming services, healthcare/pharma research industries and public sector.

See what Stellium can provide for your digital infrastructure needs by choosing the rack option you require below,

No other data centre provider in the UK offers this level of connectivity, direct from the US and through to mainland Europe. Even better, it’s backed up by the UK’s largest purpose-built data centre campus, with Tier 3+ technology and 100% renewable green power linked direct to the 275KV National Grid.

Our data centre campus has a guaranteed availability of at least 99.982% and is ISO-27001 Information Security Management, ISO-14001 Environmental Management, ISO-9001 Quality Management, ISO-20000 IT Service Management, ISO-22301 Business Continuity Management, PSN Network and Cyber Essentials+ certified.

Stellium provides a range of data centre services including multiple public clouds on-ramp, private cloud services and smart hands and cross connect services.

To see why some of the worlds leading businesses are choosing Stellium as their data centre operator of choice, book a guided virtual tour of our Newcastle facility here.

Why Newcastle

There are many reasons to choose Newcastle as your data centre location of choice. Why continue to locate in congested London with increasing power costs and repeated issues with infrastructure when:

  • Stellium provides 80 MW’s of power at Stellium 1 Newcastle
  • Stellium provides metered power contracts – in London the infrastructure to give metered contracts is not available. Energy is now 70% of your colocation cost so this is a major issue for your business in terms of transparency.
  • Stellium provides mobilisation time for contracts up to 1.3MW in 4 weeks
  • Stellium has no latency congestion. In fact we provide some of the lowest latency now available in the UK. As the landing station for the latest international subsea fibre cables, Newcastle is now closer to New York than the capital is.
  • Stellium has no cooling issues – unlike London data centres who experienced major cooling issues in 2022, Stellium had none.

Stellium Blog: It’s About Content and Eyeballs

The vision that caused the leap from localised electricity service platforms to national critical infrastructure has happened in the world of content and eyeballs. There’s a recognition of the critical importance to an economy of having a robust data centre and telecommunications infrastructure to protect Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Press Release: Newcastle Meets London as LINX, NCL-IX and BSO form Strategic Partnership

The London Internet Exchange (LINX), the Newcastle Internet Exchange (NCL-IX) and BSO have announced a new partnership…

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