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Xterity Express

Xterity Express

Stellium’s Xterity Express has the same simple interface and predictable pricing as the Premier offering with similar performance, reliability, and support levels offered by the other major cloud providers at some of the lowest prices in the industry, allowing customers to leverage cloud resources without training, certifications, and a constantly changing UI at a predictable low monthly cost.

If your organization is looking for an IaaS provider without the monthly billing surprises and/or the constant learning curve, then Xterity Express is for you.

In addition, Xterity Express offers the most common additional services such as backup or VPN integrated into the console for easy use.

The primary market for Xterity Express is for organizations that are already leveraging cloud services with another vendor and are having difficulty with unpredictable monthly bills, cost increases and/or service delays. If that sounds like you (or your client), contact us today and learn how you can get access to our intuitive cloud console, migrate your servers, and lock-in your monthly cloud costs in just days!


Xterity Premier offers customers highly available Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) using enterprise-class VMware cloud technology located in Tier 3+ data-centres across the globe such as Stellium Newcastle. Customers can deploy and manage services in any of Xterity’s clouds via the intuitive, easy to use cloud console application, which includes an industry leading drag-and-drop designer.

The cloud console puts you in control of the resources needed to run your applications and services by letting you configure the CPU, memory and disk resource in whatever combination maximizes your value. To learn more about Xteritys IaaS capabilities check out the IaaS Service Description here.


Xterity Backup as a Service (BaaS) offers flexible options to suit almost every backup need including protecting your data from mishap, corruption, malware and even ransomware. With a quick setup (just minutes) and advanced features like encryption, set pricing, and continuous data protection, the BaaS services let customers balance their backup requirements against cost in an easy-to-understand manner. For more information consult the BaaS Service Description here.

OS Options

Unlike most aggressively priced clouds on the market, Xterity has a wide range of operating systems at your disposal including all of the supported Windows versions.

All of our OS options are available without dedicated servers, annual commitments, or other hidden charges. Our selection of pre-provided OS images also has minimal engineering with no back doors, mandated antivirus, or monitoring built in. Since our clouds are all built on the VMware hypervisor our supported list of operating systems is one of the largest available in the industry. It also means that we can often import and support customer specific images even if they are based on less common operating systems.